Ten People You Need In Your Network, Part 1

I recently joined a large organization and one thing quickly became apparent—those who succeed at my workplace are not necessarily successful because of their skill set. They are successful because of the effective internal network they've built.

As you build your network, it's important to pay attention to the quality and quantity of those you invite in. Today and tomorrow, Promotional Consultant Today shares these insights from career coach Tai Goodwin on the top 10 people you should include in your professional network.

1. The Mentor: This is the person who has reached the level of success you aspire to. You can learn from their success as well as their mistakes. Heed their wisdom and experience. This relationship offers a unique perspective because they may have known you through several peaks and valleys in your life and have watched you evolve.

2. The Coach: The coach is someone who comes in at different times in your life to help with critical decisions and transitions and offer an objective perspective with no strings attached.

3. The Industry Insider: This is someone in your chosen field who has expert-level information or access to it. This person will keep you informed of what's happening now and what the next big thing is. Invite them to be a sounding board for your next innovative idea.

4. The Trendsetter: This is someone outside of your chosen industry who always has the latest buzz. It can be on any topic that you find interesting. The goal in having this person in your network is to look for those connections that spark innovation via the unconventional. It will also help you keep your conversations interesting.

5. The Connector: This is a person who has access to people, resources and information. As soon as they come across something related to you, they send you an e-mail or pick up the phone. Connectors are great at uncovering unique ways to meet people and find resources and opportunities that others may overlook.

Are you already connected with a few of these people? If so, then you're well on your way to creating a strong and supportive network.

Read PCT again tomorrow for five more important people to add to your professional network.

Source: Tai Goodwin, The Career Makeover Coach, is a professional development coach who specializes in career rejuvenation and reinvention. She is also host of the online radio show, C areer Makeover Strategies.

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